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Benny Holloway is a soulful soundophile and self-taught artist based out of the NSW Northern Rivers town Byron Bay. His stirring and evocative tones are like sonic acupuncture, penetrating the deepest layers of body and mind and inviting the listener on an introspective journey to the heart.

Over the last few years Benny has become renowned for playing live alongside Lara Zilibowitz, as well as other influential teachers including Shiva Rea and Meghan Currie, looping and weaving his voice with guitar to create atmospheric ambient sound baths to encourage that deeper state of connection.

As a solo artist, Benny’s honest and open-hearted songwriting is spellbinding. His honey voice paired with nostalgic lyrics are an ode to the human condition and the boundless quest for love and life fulfilment.

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Music by

Benny Holloway


BEnny holloway

playing dates 2019

4 - 13 March     Yoga / Live Music Collaboration, Shiva Rae

8 - 10 April     Yoga / Live Music Collaboration, Janet Stone Bali Immersion


11 - 25 April    Yoga / Live Music Collaboration with Lara Zilibowitz at Four Seasons Resort, Ubud, Bali


29 April (6.30-8.30pm) “Full Body Listening”: Yin & Sound Journey with Lara Zilibowitz, A Sound Life Dome, Sydney 


25 - 26 May      “Body of Love”, Passion & Compassion with Lara Zilibowitz at Shri Yoga, Brisbane


7 - 9 June     Yoga / Live Music Masterclasses and Concert, Crested Bute and Frutia, Boulder Colorado USA. Yoga For The Peaceful


16 - 21 June     Esalen Yoga Gathering with Lara Zilibowitz and Janet Stone.


28 June - 29 June  Yoga / Live Music Masterclass with Lara Zilibowitz. Geneva, Switzerland hosted by Yoganimals


2 July   Yoga / Live Music Workshop with Lara Zilibowitz Lausanne, Switzerland L’equilibre


5 - 6 July     Yoga / Live Music Workshops with Lara Zilibowitz at Chamonix Yoga Festival, France


7 - 13 July     Samoens, French Alps for Back 2 Roots Retreats


19 - 21 July        Yoga / Live Music Workshop with Lara Zilibowitz at Caelo Yoga - Paris, France


26 - 28 July    Yoga / Live Music Workshop with Lara Zilibowitz at Tidore Yoga Club - Zarautz, Basque Country 

2 - 4 August    Yoga / Live Music Workshop with Lara Zilibowitz at Shanti Vida - Barcelona, Spain 

8 - 11 August        Yoga / Live Music Retreat for Back2Roots Retreat at Avalon Wellbeing Yorkshire, UK